Ultraviolet Sterilization Systems

BacteriaTown and Country Water Systems offers a wide selection of Luminor, UV Dynamics and Trojan Ultraviolet Sterilization Systems.

How UV Systems Work…

The germicidal energy of ultraviolet light destroys illness-causing microorganisms by attacking their genetic core (DNA). This powerful dose of UV light eliminates their ability to reproduce, and the organisms simply die. Water is purified by running it through a watertight chamber that contains an ultraviolet lamp. As water flows past, microorganisms are exposed to a lethal dose of germicidal UV energy.  UV systems treat the water for the whole home, eliminating 99.99% of bacteria and viruses including chlorine resisitant cysts that are not tested for in routine water tests (such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia).


Introducing the BLACKCOMB Series of Ultraviolet Sterilizers from LUMINOR, the latest addition to Town & Country Water System’s lineup of Ultraviolet Sterilizers.

Truely modular in design, BLACKCOMB5.0 provides easy upgradeability in the future. Incorporating true “plug-and-play” technology, conversion to a UV monitor is a quick and simple process. A robust full colour controller displays complete system status, lamp countdown, warnings, and a QR code that allows the homeowner to use their smartphone to obtain lamp replacement information or to view service videos! BLACKCOMB incorporates technology that has never been seen in a UV system until now!


  • Colour user interface with full diagnostics and warnings including QR codes
  • Full customization available as an option (language, home screen, phone, web, QR codes, etc.)
  • New axial flow, 304 stainless steel reactors, fully polished, designed & manufactured to ASME pressure vessel standard
  • Systems include integral UV sensor port for future upgradeability (simply purchase optional UV sensor module to convert system into a fully UV monitored system)
  • Flow rates stated at 95% UVT at a dose of 30mJ/cm2
  • User friendly bayonet style lamp connector (quick ¼ turn removal with no extra tools needed)
  • True gland seal retaining nut with positive stop
  • Reliable, industry proven, proprietary low pressure (LP) coated UV lamps with ceramic bases for durability and a 9,000 hour life (1 year)
  • Constant current electronic controller (one controller for all systems) in a splash-proof case, fully potted ballast virtually eliminates common water damage issue


luminor screen shots

UV Dynamics

The UV Dynamics model UVD320 is an advanced Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System. It has been designed with you, the consumer, in mind. The system will provide you with disinfected drinking water for years to come. The UV Dynamics model UVD320 is applicable to point of entry applications in today’s larger homes and cottages. The model UVD320’s 30mj/cm2 dose at 10gpm is ideal for general disinfection. The compact mounting footprint of the model UVD320 facilitates simplified installation.

The microprocessor controlled UV power source is designed for long life and includes both visual and audio lamp failure alarms as well as an annual lamp change timer.

UVDynamics UVD320

Stainless Steel Water Purification System


The UV Dynamics models include the following standard features.

Standard Features:

  • Flow rate of 10gpm (37L/min) delivers UV dose of 30mj/cm2
  • Flow rate of 8gpm (30L/min) delivers UV dose of 40mj/cm2
  • Passivated and polished 304 stainless steel reactor measuring 3.5” x 18”
  • 9000hr long life coated UV lamp
  • Microprocessor controlled UV power source with audible and visible lamp failure alarms
  • True Lamp Current closed loop current control
  • Annual lamp change reminder timer
  • Lamp life remaining feature
  • ¾” MNPT fittings
  • Domed quartz sleeve to simplify servicing
  • No tools required for regular servicing
  • Easy-service lamp connector

Additional Features:

  • Optional solenoid valve
  • Optional UV monitor system


Trojan UV Series


  • Control Box with light notification display
  • Lamp Timer Reset Button
  • Mute Button – if a warning alarm sounds
  • Model A Power Supply
  • Model B4 and C4 Control Box
  • Sensor button to confirm proper operation of the sensor
  • Safety cap and special lamp plug
  • Reference Card that outlines important functions and maintenance questions
  • Lamp Change Reminder
  • Countdown Lamp Timer

AQUA FLOW Clear Housing Features (Stainless Steel Threads)

All our Ultraviolet Sterilizer systems come with a high quality AQUA FLOW clear pre-filter housing which is mandatory to be installed in font of all sterilizer units.

• Stainless Steel Inserts in Inlet/Outlet ports to reduce the possibility of cross threading and tighter pipe fit
• Three position valve-in-head; Filter (allows water to be treated), Bypass (allows water to bypass the filter during filter replacements), Off (shuts off the water to the filter)
• Clear sump for on-site examination of flow cartridge performance and life
• Pressure relief button to reduce the pressure in the housing when changing the cartridge
• Durable Styrene-Acrylonitrile and reinforced polypropylene construction
• Every housing comes with mounting bracket, hardware and wrench
• Economical

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Filter Housing