Sump Pumps

Town & Country Water Systems carries a wide selection of sump pumps in various sizes and manufacturers – Liberty, Goulds, Hydromatic, Myers and Pompco.

The S30-Series from Liberty was designed to handle the problem areas of sump pumps in new home construction. Powered by a durable 1/3 hp motor, the S37 offers larger clearances around the impeller for better solids and debris handling.


  • Quiet running, Heavy-Duty 1/3 hp motor.
  • Dual ball bearings.
  • Cast iron motor plate.
  • High suction ports to reduce potential jamming.
  • High capacity flow rates.
  • 3 Year Manufactures Warranty

This is a top selling sump pump which provides dependable and reliable service.

Hydromatic PREMIUM Smart Battery Backup Systems

Town & Country Water Systems offer the Hydromatic Smart Battery Backup Sump Pump System which will help protect your basement from water damage by kicking into action during power outages or primary sump pump failures.


  • Remote Monitoring – For Peace of Mind with Virtual Water Assistant®
  • Smart Charging Technology – Recharges battery up to 5X faster and extends battery life.
  • Dual Battery Capacity – Provides extended run time.
  • Dependable 1/2HP Primary Pump features a vertical float switch and: -A thermal overload protection with an automatic reset for reliability – A double lip shaft seal for long life – Energy efficient PSC motor in a zinc alloy metal housing. – Rugged cast iron volute case with raised inlet

Hydromatic Sump Pump


Liberty Battery Backup Emergency Sump Pump System

Town & Country Water Systems carries the Liberty model 441 battery back up sump pump which takes over when the power goes out. Operating from the power of a marine-grade deep-cycle battery*, the 441 features a high-output 12 volt pump, advanced 5-stage charging system, easy-connect terminal block, battery box and plumbing connections. *(Battery not included.) Designed to be used in conjunction with a primary 120V sump pump.

Battery Backup